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Dr. Cassaro's "Top Three Rules" For Living Pain-Free

eating healthy to avoid chronic pain
Eat Right

Eating right involves simplifying your diet. Forget about diets, pouring over nutrition labels, and worrying about carbs or calories. Eating for a pain-free life and overall health is easy. Just eat vegetables from the produce department (or local farmer's market), purchase meat from a butcher. That's it! No additives, no sugars, no man-made "interference."

benefits of sleep for treating chronic pain
Sleep Right

Being unconscious is not the same as getting GOOD sleep. You can sleep for ten hours and still feel unrested. Sleep is important; it's when our bodies heal. To get the best sleep possible, make sure you plan a consistent bed time, no noise, no TV, and eat at least 2-3 hours before you lay down. Also, limit caffeine and/or medications that have a stimulant effect if possible.

exercise reduces chronic pain

Regular exercise is very important if you want to get out of pain. Exercise helps to boost the metabolism; which in turn directly affects the body's ability to heal. If it hurts to exercise, try exercising in a heated pool. Opt for low-impact exercises that put less strain on muscles and joints. The best exercise overall is taking a brisk daily walk. No gym fees!


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