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Show history

Where we have been and where we are going.

The greatest show on pain treatment is born!

In September 2008 Dr. Cassaro decided he wanted to reach out to all people living in chronic pain and offer his support. Unfortunately, until that point, Dr. Cassaro could only help those within local reach of his practice. "There must be another way" thought Dr. Cassaro. After a great deal of thought and discussing plans with his business partner, Dennis Birkemeier, he decided radio was the answer. It was in that same month Dr. Cassaro and co-host Dennis Birkemeier produced the first of many shows.

Fast forward over four years and a couple hundred shows later and we are still helping people living with chronic pain; the show has grown from one station to thousands of listeners coast-to-coast. Each week multiple listeners call in and receive a wealth of clinical and practical treatment information tailored to their unique chronic pain condition. You are no different. If you or someone you love is living in pain, we can help. We were with you in the past and we will be with you in the future. The Painless Living Show continues to grow, providing effective pain treatment information to listeners across the nation.