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What we do...

Find out how we help thousands of listeners every single week!

A little about what we do...

The Painless Living Show is different than any other show on the radio. The Painless Living Show gives practical self-help pain treatment information to listeners from coast to coast. Chronic pain affects roughly 1 in 4 people on a daily basis, and will affect 1 in 3 in the course of a person's lifetime. With an overwhelming amount of information to sort through on the internet, wouldn't it be great to have a source you can trust? The Painless Living Show gives practical, easy to understand pain treatment information designed for you!


Self help
The Painless Living Show provides "do-it-yourself" treatment information for chronic pain.

Sympathetic community
The Painless Living Show draws a wide audience; chances are, someone listening may be dealing with the same chronic pain condition you are.

Professional information
Host Dr. Cassaro has successfully treated patients for chronic pain for over 25 years; when other doctors give up, Dr. Cassaro gets to work.

Ongoing support
From the time of your first call into the show until you are pain free; we are there to help you and give pain treatment information every step of the way.

The Painless living Show is not only very informative, but also very entertaining. We take pain treatment seriously; but offer interesting facts, interesting emails, and witty banter between hosts.

Tired of searching the web for answers about your chronic pain and coming up empty handed? The Painless Living Show provides pain treatment information that actually works. The result? Your new "pain-free" life!


Technical information

The Painless Living Show continues to grow. If you want to hear the live show but it currently does not air in your local area, please contact us and contact your favorite local talk radio station. Tell them about the show, and that you'd like to hear it.

Here is some information about the show:

  • One hour weekly show: Saturdays
  • Live show airs 11:00 AM - Noon (EST)
  • Live call in number 888-440-4442 - from anywhere in USA, even if show is not in your area!
  • Show topic: Chronic pain treatment information; self-help, "do-it-yourself" approach.